Teras Experience

Darren holds a BA from Stonehill College and was most recently the Assistant Director at Hope House Boston Review. Teras does not provide transportation, but you may have a car, and ubers are readily available. Teras does provide breakfast foods, and our structure is designed around the availability of the community; part of this structure includes meetings and activities, designed to foster community and fellowship. Teras, our flexible structure home, offers a lower cost model for those ready to return to work, and who have their own transportation.

Boston Area Structured and Supportive Sober Living- Starting at $3500 per month (Mens)

Whatever your primary treatment method, you’ve had a great start because your body is now free of alcohol and drugs. We want to help you transition to a fulfilled and enjoyable life in sobriety. We have experience helping clients achieve success and every decision we’ve made in the development and management of Hope House Boston Review centers around your success.


Together, we will start discussing what you want to achieve by engaging the support at Tharros. There are general rules of the house that everyone is required to follow. However, experience has shown us, not every person with an addiction or alcoholism is the same. Our program isn’t cookie ­cutter; we want to get to know you and help ensure that you have what is necessary for you to achieve your goals. We help you see, what it is about you, you may have a hard time seeing. At Hope House Boston Review, you can expect to meet other male residents who are committed to their sobriety, have completed some form of primary treatment, and pass regular unannounced breathalyzer and urine tests.

MFT – Clinical Advisor

We start with listening to your goals, and helping you identify what you want to achieve at Tharros. If you have many outside commitments, or are ready to return to work, Teras can be a Hope House Boston Review Boston Review good entry point directly from treatment. For others, after 1-6 months at Tharros, clients may choose to transition to Teras. Teras offers a shared (double) space for $5,500 per month.

Then I see vulnerability, acquiescence and participation. I feel the group’s energy …one “I’ll try it’ leads to another courageous “I’ll do it”. Witnessing what is possible when we feel acceptance from others is powerful. We may not fully accept ourselves in the moment but by showing up the possibilities are infinite.

Welcome to the Hope House Boston Review- mens recovery home

Hope House Boston Review has a great number of resources and we can refer you to therapists, programs, and licensed professionals as needed. Perhaps you have a connection with a therapist or life coach that you want to continue. We encourage you to keep what works and add resources where it will benefit your recovery.

Our support program will afford you support while you mend relationships with family and friends. We know that you can have more fun and a much better life in sobriety; we also know that you’re having a hard time believing that statement right now. Dr. Zarnegar has over 30 years of experience in behavioral health and clinical treatment. Dr. Zarnegar serves on the Advisory Board for https://sober-home.org/ and helps to direct resource and team development. Her clinical insight also provides guidance for the development of client support services. Dr. Zarnegar brings a wealth of intuitive and insightful knowledge rooted from a quarter century of clinical experience.Dr.

We also include fun social events, like our weekly BBQ and bowling nights. Clients also learn life skills through one on one mentoring and fun events, like cooking with exceptional private chefs! Also included, our community offers activities, like weekend rock climbing, golf, and basketball.

Melissa provides Hope House Boston Review with evidence-based intervention strategies, including empirically supported practices for substance use disorder (SUD). More specifically, she offers didactic training and psychoeducation among the Tharros Team Members. She has hosted field experts in motivational interviewing (MI) to provide team member training and continuously seeks ways to provide education and support among the Hope House Boston Review team. There is a saying that “all we need to know we learned in kindergarten”.

Tharros offers an extensive and flexible peer support program to helps clients navigate important changes and decisions. Our team provides support to ongoing clinical work as part of that process. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive community, combining individual and group interactions to facilitate building a meaningful life in sobriety. Successful long-term recovery is more than just abstinence from substances it’s a lifestyle change; replacing negative or unhealthy behaviors/patterns with positive coping skills, healthy routines, community and support. We believe life balance, structure, engagement, social interactions, positive perception and challenging old behaviors/beliefs are the key to a successful recovery. We support all paths to recovery and assist our clients to build a foundation for independence and a successful transition.

After spending much of his career in retail where he managed for Mobil, Circle K and Home Depot, Nick joined the Tharros Team in February of 2018, making the decision to follow his passion of helping men in recovery. The area is now an open-air museum with active excavation sites. Among the interesting structures are the tophet, the bath installations, the temple foundations and an area with houses and artisan workshops. Excavations showed that from the 8th century BC until its abandonment in the 10th century Tharros was inhabited, first by Phoenicians, then by Punics and then by Romans.

Nick is a person in long term recovery through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. He has maintained sobriety since March 5th, 2015, and is very active through the Young People in AA Fellowship. Nick grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts where he attended Arlington High School, playing varsity D1 Hockey and Lacrosse. Nick earned a place on the First Team All Stars in both Junior and Senior years for Lacrosse. Early on in recovery, Nick began reconnecting with his passions of playing Hockey, and enjoying the outdoors.

With more than 50 years of recovery experience, our team understands what you’re going through and we want to help you love life again. At Teras, we offer structured sober living with flexible structure to meet the needs of those returning to family, work, school, or other commitments. At Teras, our experienced team, plus ancillary providers, provide a high level of support for clients to take action in a recovery fellowship, and engage outside structure. Tharros offers significantly more than a traditional sober living. We fit in between what you’d find at a clinical extended care program and very supportive recovery home. Each individual is supported to make his own choices in his recovery.

That study found that freestanding SLH’s offer enough structure, with no formal treatment, creating an optimal environment for residents ready for the next step. SLH’s provide an environment for individuals capable of handling a fair amount of autonomy and wish to take personal responsibility for their recovery. You are more likely to maintain long-term sobriety by entering and committing to a structured transitional living environment, like Hope House Boston Review. That’s why we encourage our clients to consider staying 6 months to one year. Teras and Tharros are not affiliated with any clinical treatment (IOP/PHP, etc.) and our focus is on helping each client engage the best clinical support for their own circumstance.