Tavernier is a mix between a tavern management game and an interactive story, in which you are put in charge of a tavern in a medieval fantasy world.

You have to make your business bloom – through good decoration choices and supplies management strategies – while paying the annoyingly inevitable weekly taxes. Your job doesn’t end here, though, as being an innkeeper also means talking directly to your customers.

So be prepared to welcome the colorful characters of the town in your tavern, but be careful of what you say to them. The way you deal with their problems could impact not only your business but the whole town as well!

Which innkeeper will you be? A professional one or a cool one? Where will your choices lead you, and your tavern? What will become of the increasingly fishy town that you live in?

Make your choices and manage your tavern towards prosperity through many events and random encounter that will lead you to a fate of your own making!