About us

From The Bard, alias Crescendream, is an indie development studio created by five video game enthusiasts, united in their quest to bring you the best games they can ! We put a huge emphasis on gameplay, sound, graphics and storytelling to bring you the best ambience and gaming experience.
We do our best to be close to our players and listen to all of your feedback!

C.E.O. & Community Manager

Producer & Developer

Aurélien BAN
Game Designer

C.T.O. & Developer

A.D. & Graphic artist

Our versatile game designers work on every element of our games. Through gameplay, level design or storytelling, they will innovate to give you even more fun.

Specialized in Unity, our development team do all the integration. This allows us build prototypes in no time!

Whether it’s 2D or 3D, our design team can create and animate everything needed, from concept art to final illustrations. Characters, landscapes, user interface, nothing escapes our pencil lead!

Nothing in a game should be left out, and sound is no exception!
That’s why we compose and select the best tracks and sound effects, improving your game experience!

You can download our PressKit here: