30+ Richest YouTubers In The World 2024 UPDATED

YouTube channel consists of five friends, Cory, Coby, Cody Jones, Garrett, and Tyler Toney, who have a combined net worth of $30 million. Most of his content is loved by children since he loves experimenting with science, music, skits, challenges, https://1investing.in/ and most importantly, he is famous for his DIY and craft. Ryan Kaji is well-known for his children’s YouTube channel featuring his mother, father, and two sisters. In this article, we have enlisted the 50 wealthiest Youtubers and their net worth.

As a philanthropist Markiplier has helped raise over $900,000. In 2018 he and fellow-YouTuber Jackspticeye launched a high-end athleisure brand for gamers called Cloak. Streamer and content creator Daniel Middleton has been a mainstay on YouTube for more than a decade, uploading his first video all the way back in 2012. Those years have served him well, according to Celebrity Net Worth, earning the young star a cushion of $35 million.

In April 2014 a YouTube compilation video of his Vine work garnered more than four million views the first week it was posted. He soon had 4 million followers on Vine and was creating paid Vine videos for companies such as HBO, Pepsi, Ritz, and Virgin Mobile. In 2015 he was ranked as the 10th most influential figure on Vine, with his six-second videos earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. By that October, his Facebook videos alone had more than 300 million views. Like many of the other highest-paid YouTube stars, he posts comedic videos of him playing video games. Fong grew up in Toronto and was introduced to video games at a young age as his father was an avid gamer.

TBNRFrags features his exploits on the violence-filled military shooter Call of Duty. Regardless, he still clocked more than half a billion views in our time period. Even more lucrative than his YouTube channel, though, is his makeup line, which he sells direct-to-consumer. One of his most recent collections, Blood Money, features $52 eyeshadows and $18 lip balms, and his popular Conspiracy Collection, launched last year, reportedly sold 1 million eyeshadow palettes in 30 minutes. YouTube is a platform where users can find videos about anything you can think of!

  1. She said YouTubers like MrBeast could potentially earn more thanks to the length of his videos, which are typically between 10 and 20 minutes long.
  2. And with those videos comes the possibility for the video creators to make money when videos are posted and a way to begin their YouTube career.
  3. Not only are his videos about makeup tutorials only, but Jeffree also creates videos to review other makeup brands.
  4. By branching out into boxing, Jake Paul has found himself back in the top 10.

His specialties include Let’s Play gameplay commentary videos which commonly feature survival horror and action video game titles. Markiplier is well known for his comedic gameplay commentary. He bought a camera with a tax refund to start his YouTube channel in 2012. He does voice work for the YouTube channel LORE and joined the board of Red Giant Entertainment in 2014.

To continue his history of posting prank videos, Ryan filled his house with plastic balls and essentially turned it into a giant ball pit. Not only did this video gain over 85 million views, but Roman got a brand new Nissan GTR to use in one of his prank videos. James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist. He started his YouTube career by posting makeup tutorials in December 2015. He has also launched his own makeup line with Morphe Cosmetics and hosted the YouTube Originals series “Instant Influencer.”

The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars Of 2020

Anastasia Radzinskaya is a Russian Youtuber with a youtube channel named “Like Nastya.” She has a net worth of $20 million. Both partners are primarily famous for creating and hosting the YouTube series “Good Mythical Morning.” They have 27.9 million followers, and the entertainers run five YouTube channels. Two weeks later, YouTube restored ads on Logan’s channel, however, his channel was still on a 90-day “probation period” during which time content from his channel was not eligible to be on YouTube’s trending tab. After the success of their YouTube videos, Jeffree and Shane collaborated in 2019 to create a cosmetics collection. The “Conspiracy” collection includes an eye-shadow palette and six liquid lipstick colors.

Earnings: $15 million

The majority of his more recent videos see him putting an emphasis on his boxing and musical careers, both of which have been on the rise of late. His boxing career, in particular, is really taking off these days, and is a major culprit behind Paul’s impressive $60 million net worth. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to your tastes — or lack thereof. Kaji has brought in millions by reviewing toys on his channel Ryan’s World, and this isn’t his first time topping the list — he was Forbes’ estimated top earner in 2019 as well.

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The YouTube channel allows for the creator to upload all of their videos under one platform and manage them as they do any other social media outlet. Jeffree Star is makeup artist (as well as a model, fashion designer, DJ, and singer-songwriter). In addition to being one of the highest-paid YouTube stars on the planet, he oversees a cosmetic empire called Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is the source of the majority of his fortune today. He is known for his striking hair color that is frequently hot pink, and many tattoos.

Their content consists of comedy videos and is one of the biggest YouTube Channels. Like Nastya (or Anastasia, as her parents call her), was born with cerebral palsy. Her parents began making the videos as a way of keeping family and friends updated about her progress, but in 2017, they signed with Yoolato to monetize their content. It paid off – Radzinskaya is now worth a massive $20 million. After leaving the United States Air Force, Stevin John decided to embark on a new career with Blippi, a character he invented to star in his fun, educational videos for kids. What makes Blippi stand out is the diversity among all of his videos.

Conservative estimates of his total net worth come in at around $60 million. He started creating content back in 2013 at the age of 16, and quickly landed a role in Bizaardvark. Best known as the comedy duo Rhett and Link, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have been friends since elementary school.

Mr. Beast treated fans to fine dining and an all-expenses-paid private charter trip in a video from April 2023. According to reports, each passenger’s ticket cost USD 5,00,000. The jet also included USD 2 million-plus worth of gold-plated faucets, carpets, and artwork. If all this wasn’t enough, people onboard were also taken to Disney World. With over 150 million views, the video is thought to have cost at least USD 4.5 million. His profitable brand partnerships have been drawn by his creative content approach.

Over the past few years, Dobrik, 24, has done just about anything to make his audience laugh. He has driven a convertible through a car wash, shaved someone’s entire body and even once surprised his best friend by marrying his mom. (She was in on the joke—they divorced, amicably, after a month.) Lately, Dobrik has concentrated on porting his funny schtick over to TikTok.

Nearly all YouTubers earn the majority of their income from ad revenue generated from their YouTube videos, a number that is boosted when videos are family friendly, in English and longer than eight minutes. And while those ad rates did dip at the beginning of Covid-19, they quickly rebounded. Plus the YouTubers have gotten plenty of richest youtuber in the world money from big brands such as Bass shops and Kroger, which each sponsored specific videos for Dude Perfect (No. 3) and Rhett and Link (No. 4), respectively. His brother, sister, and cousin also have YouTube channels, as does his wife Brianna, but so far, he’s heads and shoulders above the rest of his family when it comes to revenue.

#3. Markiplier

She started as a toy unboxer but now her vlogs and music videos are growing in popularity and her earnings have risen to $28m (£20m) in 2021. Not just that, they’ve earned a huge amount of fame from games and contest videos. Now they have 57 Million followers, making them one of the highest-paid YouTube stars. The second popular youtube channel, PewDiePie, is famous for creating videos on the YouTube channel of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who has a net worth of $40 million. Jeffree founded his eponymous cosmetics company in 2014 using his entire life savings earned from his music and makeup career up to that point. He would later say he was nearly bankrupt at the time and felt his music career was dead in the water when he launched the company.

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, actor, and musician who is one of the first people to start his career on YouTube. At first, he studied a different field, but later, he switched to Youtube after gaining fame from his first video on Vine by posting sketches. He started from the mobile app Vine along with his brother Logan Paul and later switched to YouTube. He released a song in 2017 which got a million views and also ranked on Billboard Hot 100. Also, he uploads various vlogs, which brings him a huge number of fans since he has 22 million followers.